We are a team of high school students dedicated to the power of innovation.  We became fascinated with standing desks while discussing different ways to change up the "classic classroom" in our Economics of Innovation class in 2015. 

Standing desks are typically only seen in hip, high-tech startups where everyone is always up on the latest trend.  However, at StandTall, we know that standing desks are the future and there's no reason for them only to exist in the workplace. Our team knew there was room for change in the classroom through standing desks, and thus StandTall was born.   

Our three team members include Claudia Bueermann '16,  Allie Rosenfeld '17, and Angela Liu '17.  We began our journey into the standing desk world initially as a project for an Economics class where we studied the finances and nuances of the startup industry. There, we were asked to build a mock up of a startup and work through the process. However, we decided as a group to not only continue pursuing this idea, but to launch and build our company. 

We have designed StandTall desks to be light, affordable, and sustainably built. By providing students with a healthier, more productive alternative to sitting, StandTall Desks change the classroom environment and create a more engaging and upfront learning space.  Here at StandTall, we want you to say goodbye to the old classroom, and stand up for your education.  

All in all, we say that standing desks do help. But not in ways you would expect. You’ll notice a new drive to get things done.
— Business Insider: Proof that Standing Desks Make You More Productive