Why StandTall?

Make any desk a sit-stand desk. 

We all know the struggle of sitting at work or school all day and planning to go to the gym after the long day, but how often do we actually do that? 

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the problem:

As high school students, we know a lot about sitting – every morning, we walk into class, sit down, walk to our next class, sit down again, and then sit down at home to do our homework. 

High school students spend over 10 hours a day sitting. Sitting for this long not only is incredibly detrimental to students' health – increasing their risk for cardiovascular problems, heart disease, and stroke – it impacts their learning. Students have described their classrooms as “uninspiring”, “boring”, and “creativity-killing”. Studies have shown that sitting all day in a classroom decreases students’ focus and productivity, ultimately causing them to learn less effectively. For our generation, sitting has become the new smoking.

our Solution:

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is dangerous. By offering students the option to stand during class rather than sit, standing desks improve students' wellbeing. They've also been proven to increase students' focus and productivity, and to help with information retention in students as young as elementary schoolers.

Everything is changing about our schools — but the physical classroom environments aren’t. Standing desks are all the rage in trendy startup offices everywhere, but we believe its time they made the transition to the classroom, and began benefitting the next generation of changemakers, trailblazers, and innovators.

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Why standtall?

There’s a reason standing desks haven’t been implemented in classrooms already, and it’s cost. Virtually no high schools in the United States currently have standing desks for their students because of their high cost and difficult implementation. We build standing desk additions out of acrylic and recycled aluminum that are both effective and cost-efficient. Because we build standing desk add-ons, no previous desk or table in the classroom has to be removed, allowing schools to seamlessly and cost-efficiently implement standing desks. 

StandTall provides classrooms with a simple design change that brings about significant benefits in students' focus, productivity, and wellbeing. We are reinventing the classroom, one desk at a time.